Fat Tuner Usage

1. Play a note. Try to let it ring out.
2. The needle will move out from the center if the tuning is off.
3. Adjust the tuning
4. Repeat until the needle no longer deviates from the center.

Tip! Refer to the frequency reading above to know exactly what the microphone is hearing.

Erratic Frequency Tolerance

A low setting will have a narrow range of detection and will discard any frequencies outside of that range. A high setting will consider a higher range of frequencies, but the needle may be a little more jumpy

# Samples for Averaging

A setting of 1 will analyze every sample individually, while a higher setting will average out the samples. This is useful if your instrument has a lot of resonance.

Needle Speed

Play with this setting according to your preference. A slower needle speed will better represent the average frequency without seeing the needle jump around.

A4 Tuning

Fat Tuner comes with the alternate tunings of 432 Hz and 444 Hz. While almost all music is recorded in 440 Hz tuning, 432 Hz tuning is considered by many to be more natural sounding.

Please feel free to play with these settings. If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to send me an email.